My longtime friend Peter was married this past weekend. I’ve been friends with Peet since we were both in college when we met in a ceramics class. I instantly wanted to be friends with him because he is so random, intellectual and is always down for a good prank. I’ve watched him grow up from a college student with a studio apartment who made curry and grew orchids, into this mature, loving husband. I’ve watched him graduate college, buy a home, have a puppy and watch him marry a woman he absolutely adores. There is no question that he loves, and adores his wife Annie. Just by the way he looks at her, you know it’s love. I’ve admired watching life unfold for Peter and it’s been so fun being his friend. I wish them so many years of happiness and love. You have grown Barnaby Jones. Happy Wedding day! <3 7-9-2016 Enjoy some highlights form their special day.